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The APFSSH/APFSHT is pleased to introduce the first line-up of invited speakers for the 2020 Congress.

Dr Donald H. Lalonde

Wide-awake local anaesthetist no tourniquet (WALANT) surgery is taking off around the world, I am really looking forward to hearing the latest advances in so many operations with WALANT in the Asia Pacific region. I am especially looking forward to hearing talks from young superstars like Amir Ahmad, Dr Mineyuki Zukawa, Dr Chung Chen Yu and Teddy Prasetyono. In addition to WALANT talks, as a keynote I will share many exciting breakthroughs including; advances in pulley venting, relative motion flexion splinting and breakthroughs in boutonniere management. I learn many things from surgeons all around the world and the APFSSH/APFSHT 2020 Congress is a great opportunity for me to acquire new solutions to old problems from my colleagues in the East.

Judy C. Colditz

As a keynote speaker, I am looking forward to the opportunity to share numerous clinical insights gained over many years of practice and reading. My hope is to help therapists shortcut the process to gaining some core insights that have helped my clinical practice. Each meeting gives me valuable awareness of the current trends in research and helps me know where to focus my reading and clinical exploration. As valuable as this information is, the new and renewed professional relationships gained from such a gathering are a lifetime professional enhancement. Since I live and work in the United States, I am geographically far from the members of the APFSHT and this meeting in Melbourne allows me to better know what is happening in hand therapy in that part of the world.

Dr Steve Moran

It is important to have honest discussions with your peers about what works and doesn't work in the industry. The APFSSH/APFSHT 2020 Congress is a great platform to facilitate this; I greatly enjoy the conversation, discussions and controversies. I always learn so much, which I bring home to my own practice. As a keynote speaker at the Congress, I will be presenting some research I have been working on for 5 years, on the blood supply to the carpal bones and its implications on hand surgery.

Dr Aviva Wolff

This will be my first visit to Australia and the actualization of a long-awaited fantasy and bucket list item. In addition to the valuable clinical information I hope to learn from my Australian colleagues and their high performing health-care system, I expect to be inspired by the natural wonders and beauty of the country and soak up some good "down under" culture! I am looking forward to the opportunity to share, exchange, and debate ideas and clinical approaches with my international colleagues. As a clinician-scientist, I am most passionate about the interplay between research and practice and how one informs the other. I hope to share some of our research findings in these areas; how they have informed our practice and how they have led to a new set of challenges and opportunities.

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APFSSH and APFSHT invites abstract submissions for oral and poster presentations over the themes below. Call for abstracts close 11 August 2019.

Wrist and DRUJ Rheumatoid Arthritis
Hand reconstruction post trauma and burns Occupational and Overuse Injuries
Paediatric hand Sporting injuries to hand and elbow
Congenital hand Elbow pathology
Tetraplegia Outcome measures
Cerebral Palsy and Stroke Surgery Radiological and clinical assessment of hand and wrist
Brachial Plexus Hand Fractures
Tendon repair and reconstruction Prosthetics
Nerve repair and reconstruction Hand Tumors
Nerve Compressions Tissue engineering
PIP joint Virtual reality
Dupuytren’s contracture CRPS
Osteoarthritis Outreach in hand surgery and hand therapy

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